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Church of the Holy Advent
Episcopal Church

About Us

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Advent

81 East Main Street
Clinton, CT


We are called to become
a Christ-centered Community of Faith
empowered to share God's love freely
through Worship and Service to Others



     The people of The Church of the Holy Advent are full of love, laughter, and life.  We are a vibrant, diverse  community of people who come together to worship God in many ways and on many levels.  There is a deep commitment here, and though small in number, we are mighty in spirit, dedication, and love of the Lord and each other.  We pride ourselves on recognizing, respecting, and appreciating each and every member for their unique contribution to our church.  Through worship, music, fellowship, education and outreach we strive to improve upon our lives and the lives of those around us.


Our History 
    In 1873, local Anglicans were meeting in the Academy building (presently the Social Servces Department) for services of worship.  On September 10th of that year, eighteen people from Clinton, Madison, and Westbrook constituted themselves as "...the Episcopal Society of the Holy Advent Church..."  Five days later they elected wardens and a vestry.  A building lot was purchased in March of 1874.  On June 10th, the Society was admitted into union with the Diocese of Connecticut as the Church of the Holy Advent and its first delegate was seated in convention.
   By February of 1876, a second building lot was purchased .  Bishop Williams laid the cornerstone of the present church building on May 11th.  The building was first used for public services on the first Sunday of  Advent 1876, with formal opening services celebrated by Bishop Williams on April 18, 1877.  The building's consecration was delayed until July 8, 1880 as Canon law required that a $5,100 indebtedness for the church first be paid.
   The parish has been served by full and part time rectors, full and part time deacons and divinity students from Berkeley Divinity School in New Haven.  When there were no trained people available, members of the parish led the services.  It is evident from the records of the parish's history that there has always been an earnest Christian commitment on the part of the Parish.


We at Holy Advent are always thrilled when visiting clergy, even the Bishop, tell us what a unique and “very special place” our parish is. Its faith, its openness, its love and its warmth, these things that we so love about our church and its community we have grown to accept as routine. We are very thankful to be in such a special place where we can continually be reminded of God’s love for each of us, and we are very proud that it shows.
Information from the Parish Profile, 1998




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